Why book with Pro Party Crawls?

Not only will you have an epic night, but you'll also get your money's worth by partying with us! Express venue, free cover, and drink specials that are exclusively provided for our guests. You'll also get to make new friends from around the world who are taking part in the tour and our awesome Pro Party Crawl host will be there guiding the party throughout the night.  

Where do we meet?

After booking online we will send you an email containing all information of the night. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

There are no refunds all sales are final. 

Dress Code?

Las Vegas Strip Bar Crawl Requirements:

No gym shoes, flip flops, shorts, baseball hats or tank tops. Dress to impress! 

Fremont Bar Crawl Requirements: 

No Sweat pants, flip flops, tank tops. Dress Casual! 

Do you provide transportation to and from our hotel?

Transportation is not provided, but we do recommend you take a bus, taxi, or ride share to the meeting point and from last club. 

Is Host /Hostess gratuity included?

No, but we do encourage our guests to give back love and good vibes to our hosts if they feel they've done an exceptional (if not more) job. 

What clubs/bars will we be going to?

Club/bar line ups vary each week. We base our schedule off of venue availability.



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